The Wonder 500

Our aluminium massage tool, collinette, is selected as one of “The Wonder 500″.
This project is led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) to promote regional tourism in Japan.
On 28th August, METI announced the 500 excellent regional products that have superb techniques and stories, yet are unknown throughout the world.

Although there are many “Regional Specialities” (goods, foods, travelexperiences) throughout Japan, which foreign people can purchase or experience, there are various difficulties in the development of sales channels, provision of information, and successful public relations overseas.
The purpose of The Wonder 500™ is to vitalize regions as wellas small and medium enterprises by having professional “connoisseurs asproducers,” who have knowledge and experience in the development of sales channels and public relations overseas, discover and select regional products in order to support the dissemination of relative information to the world as well as perform other activities.


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