Abalone shell


Abalone shell is a versatile tray that serves multiple purposes. It can be used as a tray to hold and display small items and precious accessories. Additionally, it functions as a tray for incense holders or as a saucer for burning white sage or palo santo. If used as a plate for dessert or snacks, always place a piece of paper on the tray.

This multi-tray is made from brass and features an Avalon shell, a type of abalone shell that holds sacred significance for Native Americans since ancient times. Due to their origin, Avalon shells are believed to possess the energy of the ocean and are often used in ritual ceremonies.
There are two product options available: the Abalone Shell and the Abalone Shell Matte.
The Abalone Shell features two distinct surface finishes. The front side of the product is meticulously mirror-polished by skilled craftsmen, resulting in a smooth and reflective surface. The back side retains the rough cast texture characteristic of sand castings.
The Abalone Shell Matte, on the other hand, exclusively features the rough cast texture reminiscent of sand castings. This finish beautifully captures the unique texture of the Avalon shell.
As brass naturally undergoes colour changes over time, you can appreciate various aging effects depending on the finishes. The surfaces of the product are intentionally left uncoated to allow the distinct aging effects of each finish to be fully enjoyed.


  • Abalone shell

  • Abalone shell matte