Ordi is a sake cup made of high-purity tin, utilizing the traditional casting techniques of Takaoka-shi, a renowned metal craft town with a history spanning over 400 years. These cups are manufactured using a method called casting, where molten metal is poured into a mould and left to solidify. Tin is said to enhance water retention and contribute to a mellower taste, which is why it has been extensively used in Japan as a material for food and drink vessels.

Drinkware for use in a variety of situations, regardless of the type or genre of drink. Easy to hold and stackable. For everyday use.


  • Ordi Sake Cup

  • Ordi Pitcher

  • Ordi Tumbler

  • Ordi Beer Tumbler

  • Ordi Tumbler pair

  • Ordi Beer Tumbler pair

  • Ordi Sake Cup & Pitcher set