TIN BREATH is a series of accessories made of high-purity tin casting (99.99%) with a Japanese paper and watercolour paper texture on the surface. The properties of tin allow this product to be bent by hand despite being a metal. They are made by a manufacturing method called casting, in which metal is poured into a mould and allowed to solidify.

Despite being made of metal, it is soft and bendable and can be worn in any size.
The simple design makes use of the texture of the material and can be combined with your existing accessories. It allows you to arrange in your own way, and is suitable for all genders and ages.

Designed by: Shoko Tsurumoto (shokolatt)



  • TIN BREATH Bracelet 20mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Bracelet 20mm gold

  • TIN BREATH Bracelet 40mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Bracelet 40mm gold

Ear cuff

  • TIN BREATH Ear cuff 5mm

  • TIN BREATH Ear cuff 7mm


  • TIN BREATH Earrings 8x50mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Earrings 8x50mm gold


  • TIN BREATH Lariat 10x10mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Lariat 10x10mm gold

  • TIN BREATH Lariat 8x50mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Lariat 8x50mm gold


  • TIN BREATH Necklace 10mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Necklace 10mm gold

  • TIN BREATH Necklace 15mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Necklace 15mm gold

Pierced earrings

  • TIN BREATH Pierced earrings 10x10mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Pierced earrings 10x10mm gold

  • TIN BREATH Pierced earrings 8x50mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Pierced earrings 8x50mm gold


  • TIN BREATH Ring 10mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Ring 10mm gold

  • TIN BREATH Ring 15mm silver

  • TIN BREATH Ring 15mm gold