efu is a brass incense burner for incense sticks, which are placed on the lying position. The smoke rising little by little from the slit gently spreads the fragrance. The flickering smoke can please your eyes.
This product features two different surface finishes; the top lid of the product is polished and the base is barrelled.
Brass is a material that changes colour and texture over time. Without applying any clear coating, the product is deigned to enjoy the ageing process.

The smoke that rises from the linear slits can take on an organic and unintentional appearance, sometimes wavering and sometimes remaining steady. This contrasts with the body of the product, which is composed entirely of straight lines. The name “efu” is derived from three “f’s”: the “f” of “1/f fluctuation,” which conveys a sense of comfort; the “f” of fluctuation, and the “f” of flow.


  • efu Short

  • efu Long