poly incense holder


Poly Incense Holder is for stick-type incense. The icosahedral incense holder is made from precision cast bronze. There are two types of holes. One is large and the other is small, which can be used at three different angles. This product is intended for stick-type incenses, such as incense sticks and bamboo incenses.
Bronze is a material that changes in colour and appearance over time. The surface is not coated in order to allow you to enjoy the changes over time.
Any remaining incense or ash can be removed cleanly by pushing out from the other side of the through-hole with a pin or something similar .

This product consists of 20 equilateral triangular faces. The regular icosahedron (often simply called “the” icosahedron) is a regular polyhedron with the largest number of faces in three-dimensional space. Multiple surfaces can be seen from all angles, and you can enjoy the different expressions depending on the reflection of the light.


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