poly incense holder


Poly Incense Holder bronze is for stick-type incense. This icosahedral incense holder is a bronze incense holder made using the lost wax casting process, a highly accurate casting method. It features two types of holes—one large and the other small—that can be utilized at three different angles, catering to a variety of stick-type incenses, including incense sticks and bamboo incenses.
Bronze has been used since ancient times as a material for ritual vessels used in religious ceremonies, and even today it is a material used in various applications such as coins, figurines and bronze statues. like brass and copper, it can be enjoyed as it ages, with its colour and texture changing over time due to surface oxidation. The intentional lack of treatment on the surface allows you to appreciate the evolving characteristics of the material.
Any remaining incense or ash can be removed cleanly by pushing out from the other side of the through-hole with a pin or something similar.

This product consists of 20 equilateral triangular faces. The regular icosahedron (often simply called “the” icosahedron) is a regular polyhedron with the largest number of faces in three-dimensional space. Multiple surfaces can be seen from all angles, and you can enjoy the different expressions depending on the reflection of the light.


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